LOT NO. 40

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been even longer since my last whisky post. Very recently I came across an article on liquor.com on Canadian whisky. It was about how Canadian whiskies are making a strong comeback statement and leaving a mark in the world of whisky. According to the article the Canadian whiskies had lost their way from the mid 1990’s onwards but are now making their presence felt like never before.

Apparently Canadian authorities are not so rigid with the guidelines laid down for distilling whisky. Distillers mostly distill and blend different grains separately and are later blended together as mature whiskies. Therefore at a single given point of time there are many different styles of whisky available to choose from.

As far as I was concerned rye whisky for me was untested waters. Or whisky. Rye whisky is difficult to come by in the Indian liquor stores. So when I had a rare chance to get my hands on Lot. No. 40 I could not pass up the opportunity. Lot No. 40 is a 100% rye whisky distilled, blended and bottled by Hiram Walker and Sons, Canada. This means that the whisky is a blend of many rye grain whiskies and although there is no age statement anywhere on the bottle reports state that they are for possibly 7 – 8 years.

Although I had read about the whisky before when I cracked the bottle open I managed to do so, most fortunately, without any expectations. I was thus ready to embark upon my adventure of rye whisky.


Colour: Rich amber/ copper.
Body: On giving it a swirl the liquid seems to have a medium body that clings to the glass.
Nose: Fresh grain, sweet spiciness. Upon settling in the glass aromas oak and wood become more forthcoming.
Palate: A bit of sweet baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg followed by strong notes of outer crust of a dark coloured bread with a dry oak-y finish.
Finish: Has a bit harsh but very enjoyable finish with a lingering pepperiness and the notes of bread crust.

Over time the aromas opened up more and even more so as I added a few drops of water to my whisky. I must say, my first rye whisky was without a doubt one that I cherished and continue to enjoy. But I am yet to figure out what I could pair it with to make the experience a more wholesome one. Till I manage to do that keep eating, sipping and repeating.

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