If there is anyone I idolise in the food industry it has to be the one and only Mr. Anthony Bourdain. Sure, I admit he is no more in the food industry and he owes all his fame to his contributions in the television industry but he did start off as a chef in New York City. Just like any average teenager I was picky about what I ate and it goes without saying I received enough brickbats about that but as you know teenagers can be a stubborn bunch and more often than not manage to get their way. All this however, changed after watching Mr. Bourdain on screen. The first time I watched his show the interest for food certainly piqued in me.

Anthony Bourdain, my idol when it comes to food.
Source: YouTube

I began to enjoy a lot more different types of foods. I began to experiment, broaden my horizon as they say. A case in point was fish. It was something I detested. Today in hindsight I attribute it to maybe the fishy smell and the arduous task of separating the tiny bones from the flesh. But magically, suddenly all those excuses ceased to matter and fish began to feature on my lunch plate every day.

Once upon a time I used to be really fussy with food. Now I don’t shy away from anything.

Over the years I have eaten and learned a lot about food in general. And I have learned to cook as well. So beginning from those ‘fussy child’ (as my father would call me) days to my calorie tracker app using days I have decided to express myself on this platform. For the last couple of years my dear wife has been almost coaxing me to start writing a blog and I have been fending her off with spontaneous excuses. So I would like to begin my journey with thanking her, another friend of mine who also provided a lot of encouragement and of course the one and only Anthony Bourdain.

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